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Kokonainen Musequal Team
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The founder and artistic director of the Musequal festival, Linda Suolahti, has released her debut album. Buy Unrecorded here:


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Our mission is to advocate for equality by ensuring the equal realization of human rights and treating all individuals as equal members of society. We strongly believe in inclusivity and do not support the exclusion of any particular group. 

Since 2016, we have organized various concerts and art events aimed at promoting equality and art development. Our team commissions music and performs it at these events, with a particular focus on highlighting forgotten female and minority composers. We have also made it our standard to include music composed by minorities in all our concert programs.

Our aim is to encourage people of all genders to play music composed by female composers. We strive to give more visibility to the forgotten works of female composers from history and make their music a part of standard repertoire in large institutions and among individuals. 

We organize an annual chamber music festival in Janakkala, Finland, as well as other year-round events, mainly in Helsinki. Our association is committed to following the guidelines provided by the Arts Promotion Centre in their campaign for fair art. We expect all members involved in our projects to uphold our values and principles.

Our association is run entirely by volunteers, and we currently have no permanent employees.

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