25.7. at 12 @ Ida Aalberg Museum, Leppäkoski

"Remote work"


Ida Aalberg , the inspiration for the festival, lived her childhood in a small red track guard cottage, now known as the Ida Aalberg Museum. The museum’s small dim rooms bring short solo performances by artists from the Entire Festival. These works are completed as telework, as in the work of a frequently traveling musician, from which the audience sees only the finished “product”.


Museum concerts include e.g. Works by the winner of the Musequal Composer Competition in February 2021: Rouzbeh Rafie (Iran)  and German composers Jeanne Strieder and Ursula Mamlok. Other interesting composer names include e.g. Errollyn Warren and Dolores White .


Admission to the concert is free.


4.8. at 7 pm @ Seuratalo, Tervakoski

"Surprise concert"

Come hear and see what the festival’s artists have come up with for the surprise program! A truly memorable evening.

Performing e.g. Linda Suolahti (violin), Mari Viluksela (viola) and Anni Kallioniemi (cello).


5.8. at 7 pm @ Seuratalo, Tervakoski


“Crisis” refers to difficult and gloomy times that create shadows on people’s minds and thus upset the balance of emotional life. In a crisis, we seek security e.g. from home and family. On the other hand, a crisis is often the beginning of something new and better. How is art present in the crisis and what is its role in promoting the mental well-being of humanity?


Performing e.g. soprano Piia Komsi

The program e.g. Jessica Meyer : Space in Chains (Finnish premiere) Samuel Coleridge-Taylor : Piano Quintet and Rouzbeh Rafie: String Quartet “and the rest is Rust and Stardust” (World premiere)


6.8. at 7 pm Seuratalo, Tervakoski

"State of emergency"


The state of emergency broadly describes both the state of society as a whole during the Covid19 period and the entire history of women composing. We have suffered from a state of emergency for a year now, but for historical female composers, the state of emergency was a permanent state when they did not enjoy equal rights with their male colleagues.


The program includes Finnish premieres e.g. Galina Ustvolskaya : Sonata for Violin and Piano, Lucija Garuta : Lugsana, Grazyna Bacewicz : Piano Quintet No. 2 and Ann-Elise Hannikainen : Zafra


Performing e.g. Linda Suolahti (violin), Tiina Karakorpi (piano), Elisar Riddelin (violin) and Mari Viluksela (viola).


7.8. at 4 pm @ Woiman House, Leppäkoski

“Break Out the Ring I”


The whole grabs Janakkala’s slogan “Break Out of the Ring” by highlighting the villages and village communities of Janakkala, emphasizing the importance, scope and significance of their activities. Increasing community spirit is at the heart of the activities of village associations. We see the importance of highlighting villages through our concerts and thereby influencing the national debate and views on the importance of village communities. The first concert is in Leppäkoski.

During the Covid19 pandemic, more space and easier outdoor opportunities have been needed in homes. Migration to rural areas has begun.

The program e.g. P. Tchaikovsky : Memories of Florence, Jeanne Artemis Strieder : Literatura Oscura I,

The concert is supported by the People's Education Fund.


8.8. at 4 pm @ Seuratalo, Tervakoski

“Drifters” Henrik Sandås Quintet


"Good art seems like nature: it makes a person happy, refreshed and zealous, it elevates and revives him and gives him new courage."

-Ida Aalberg


“Drifters” describes a crowd of people who are in constant motion. It is difficult to get drifters to settle in one country, place or work. However, the time of the corona has, with its limitations, locked them in imaginary cages and prevented them from realizing themselves, damming in a large amount of creativity without a subject.

The modern tango quintet HSQ, formed by five strong and personal musicians, is a huge emotional experience like the power of nature, which combines tango nuevo and modern Finnish art music. Composers e.g. Lotta Wennäkoski, Astor Piazzolla, Helen Grime, Riikka Talvitie.




Linda Suolahti, violin

Eero Ignatius, double bass

Henrik Sandås, bandoneon

Matleena Nyman, piano

Otto Porkkala, electric guitar


The festival is supported by the The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike)  




at 7 p.m.


Caisa Cultural Center, Helsinki

Russian Galina Ustvolskaya composed a rarely performed repertoire for violin and piano in the 1950s and 1960s. This strong woman from St. Petersburg was characterized by an expressive, original and at the same time rugged language of composition. “My music is my whole life,” said Galina and Intensity really captures the listener in these works, which will be heard for the first time in Finland. The choreography of Reetta Honkakoski, Finland's only Corporeal Mime mimicry professional, brings the finishing touch to the whole.

Galina Ustvolskaya (1919-2006): Sonata for Violin and Piano (1952)

Galina Ustvolskaya (1919-2006): Duo for piano and violin (1964)


Reetta Honkakoski, director-mimic

Duo Nero (Linda Suolahti, violin and Tiina Karakorpi, piano)




at 7 p.m.


Caisa Cultural Center, Helsinki

In the interdisciplinary table setting, Laura Hynninen's experimental music for harp, human voice and loop machine, as well as visual art. Violinist Linda Suolahti will perform with Hynninen.


“At night, things get surreal nuances. Concerns seem insurmountable,

the secrets of the past create shadows, sleep and valve mix. Ideas and insights also pulse uncontrollably at night. As inspiration seizes, peace escapes and unrest forces movement. “Dreams or Echoes” is a study of nocturnal landscapes and hiking in the inner forest. ”


Laura Hynninen, harp and vocals

Linda Suolahti, violin

On Friday


at 7 p.m.


Caisa Cultural Center, Helsinki

HSQ is a modern tango quintet formed by five strong and personal musicians. Combining soulful interpretation, virtuosity, improvisation and relentless swing, the line-up serves up a charming table setting in the footsteps of Astor Piazzolla. The band's repertoire extends from Piazzolla's music to e.g. To the compositions of Kari Ikonen, Outi Tarkiainen, Igor Stravinski and Kalevi Aho. HSQ also collaborates artistically with various soloists and composers, in an effort to create new, diverse concert ensembles and update the genre for the 21st century.

“I have a dream: that my music would still be heard in 2020. And in 3000 too. Sometimes, I am convinced, because my music is different. In 1955, one tango died and another was born, and my band Octeto Buenos Aires reads another on the birth certificate. ” - Astor Piazzolla

Henrik Sandås Quintet:

Linda Suolahti, violin

Eero Ignatius, double bass

Henrik Sandås, bandoneon

Matleena Nyman, piano

Otto Porkkala, electric guitar