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Ticket types

Tiketti is responsible for the pre-sale of tickets.

Pre-sale ends on Friday, August 26th. After this, tickets for all concerts will be available at the door one hour before the start of the concert,  if space permits. Note! Only cash is used for concerts.   

Along the bows , Fri at 8 p.m.           free entry

Wine and peer support,  Sat 2 p.m.     tickets 10/8 e from the door

Weather , Sat 7 p.m.                    tickets 15/10 e (+ service fee)

Memoirs , Sun at 5 p.m.         tickets 15/10 e (+ service fee)


Full support ticket        50 e (+ service fee)

By purchasing a support ticket, you support the activities of Kokonainen ry and thus the organization of the festival, now and in the future. The support ticket guarantees you admission to all concerts, hand programs, and a full membership support for 2016. The normal price of membership is 25 €.


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