Our ideology and purpose is to promote equality in music. Equality means first and foremost the equal realization of human rights and the equality of people as members of a nation.


We organize concerts and art events which handle the question of equality in the classical music world.

We commission and premiere music at our events. We also enable other new and interesting projects with a focus on women by providing them with a platform.


Our role is to impact via music on the matters of sexual orientation, gender equality and diverse families. 


We support that Finnish legislation and cultural life ensure equal pay, obligations and benefits for minorities in the field of culture.


We promote that minorities are treated with respect in the public cultural debate.


Our main goal is to make the forgotten works of historical female composers more public and enable them to become regular repertoire among both large institutions and individual actors.

We support everyone to play music by women composers - not just women.


We have proved that it is possible to run an artistically high-quality music festival by programming music from outside the canon. Minority composers should no longer be on the margins, but on the repertoire of every artist and orchestra.


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